About me

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, I graduated in Jewelry Design in Madrid and in Expert in Diamond at the Instituto Gemológico Español in Madrid, Spain.

All my jewelry is handmade and created with a lot of care and attention to details for the user to feel it is wearing a unique piece of art.

My Inspiration 

My Scales Signature design is a concept that I created to describe my idea of designing a collection whose protagonist were the scales. Scales of different shapes and sizes that, together and grouped, can create authentic works of art.

The Nature collection is inspired in the five elements of Nature according to the Feng Shui –Earth, Wood, Fire, Water and Metal. Each jewel represents an element of Nature, such as the Earth with a shape that highlights the rocky soil of the Earth, the Water flowing in a cascade, or the chi energy in all elements that moves with the air and is everywhere and in everything. 

I consider that these jewels are very personal and can be easily adapted to your day-to-day life. You can wear them on every ocasion and they will always give you the shine and confidence that will make you feel great!